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Nigerians condemning Tinubu’s convoy are foolish: Comedian Seyi Law



Lawrence Oluwaseyitan Aletile, better known by his stage as Seyi Law, has called those who disapproved of the lengthy motorcade that President Bola Tinubu rode in after arriving in Lagos from London “idiots”.

He claims that less than 10% of the convoy’s total vehicles were in the president’s motorcade.

He asserted that the critics’ “foolishness” in presuming that Tinubu’s motorcade consisted of all the cars was the best indicator that they were mentally ill.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Seyi Law said, “Those shouting about the president’s convoy, are you sure you are okay?

“Well, how else do you know some people are mentally ill?

“The fact that some idi*ts can’t tell that the president’s motorcade is less than 10% of the entire convoy of cars shows the level of foolishness we have to deal with in this country.”

The comedian said the critics would have claimed that the president lacks legitimacy if there were no crowd to welcome at the airport.

Recall that criticisms trailed the long motorcade that followed President Tinubu when he arrived in Lagos from London for Sallah.