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10 Rising Nigerian Artistes You Need on Your Playlist



Nigeria’s music scene is a vibrant incubator of talent, constantly churning out fresh voices and innovative sounds. From captivating vocalists to genre-bending experimenters, the next wave of Nigerian music is upon us. Here are 10 rising artists who are poised to take the music industry by storm:

  1. Evelle

Evelle rose to stardom in 2014, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals and winning the first season of Nigerian Idol. Since then, she’s released a string of singles that showcase her unique blend of R&B, soul, and pop. Her heartfelt lyrics and undeniable talent make Evelle a surefire promise for the future of Nigerian music.

  • Neyorla:

Don’t be fooled by her mesmerizing cover songs! Neyorla (Eniola Awokoya) is a rising Afrobeat artist with a voice that’s as powerful as it is soulful. She honed her skills by sharing freestyles and covers on social media, building a fanbase eager for her original music. With the release of her debut single “Oju Ri,” Neyorla showcased her own distinct sound, proving there’s more to her than captivating covers.

  • Godillac

Godwin Ikuejurojo, better known as Godillac, has been captivating audiences since he was a child. Hailing from Ondo State, his passion for music began in church, where his powerful vocals and drumming skills left congregations awestruck at the young age of 12. Fast forward to high school, Godillac’s debut single, “Shigege,” a freestyle rap over P-Square’s hit, established him as a talent to watch. Since then, he’s collaborated with some of Nigeria’s biggest names and solidified his position as a rising force in the industry.

  • Labosky

Labosky (Olanrewaju Odumewu) is a captivating artist who’s taking the scene by storm with his insightful lyrics, rich vocals, and electrifying stage presence. His ability to weave depth and meaning into his music is evident in his collaboration with the legendary Terry Apala on the fan-favorite track “Bi’ Oba.” The song’s catchy lyrics and infectious dance routines have become a viral sensation, solidifying Labosky’s growing fanbase.

  • Neo Phlames

There’s a new name to blaze across the Afrobeats landscape: Neo Phlames (Adeniyi Adewoyin). More than just a catchy stage name, Neo Phlames embodies musicality itself. He seamlessly blends his vocal prowess with a genre-bending versatility, proudly championing his African heritage while collaborating with legends like P-Square and gracing prestigious events like Felabration. Neo Phlames’ debut EP, “I Just Did It,” showcases his unique style and undeniable talent, proving he’s a name to remember.

6. Skilzar

Oluwaseun Olaegbe, better known by his stage name Skilzar, is more than just a rising singer in the Nigerian music scene. He’s a multi-talented artist making waves in the entertainment industry.Skilzar’s music has garnered impressive recognition, with his hit song “Novacane” racking up over 1 million social media plays, nearly 400,000 online streams, and even topping the charts on Lagos’ popular radio station, Silverbird Rhythm 93.7 FM.

But Skilzar’s influence extends beyond the music. He’s been recognized as one to watch, listed among the most influential figures in the Nigerian entertainment world.


Benjamin Oluwatosin, professionally known as BEEJAE, is a Nigerian Afropop artist and songwriter making waves in the music industry. BEEJAE debuted with his single “VANESSA” in 2021, produced by KILLERVYBEZ, which received widespread acclaim for its vibrant energy and catchy rhythm.

Following the success of his debut, BEEJAE released his second track, “Bring Me Out Finally,” on February 7, 2022. This song quickly became a trending hit, enjoying over three months of popularity. Later that year, BEEJAE collaborated with prominent local artist KING GZIE on the track “BODY,” produced by Unleashe. This collaboration also gained significant attention and further established BEEJAE’s presence in the music scene.


Seunstics (Seun Abiwo) is a Lagos-born singer rapidly gaining recognition as Nigeria’s next soul powerhouse. The eldest of two children, Seun hails from Ilaje, Ondo State. His music blends soul with folk, R&B, pop, and jazz, creating a unique and powerful sound. Known for his exceptional performances, Seunistics infuses his music with a touch of excellence.

A graduate of English Language from Lagos State University, Seunstics is not just a vocalist. His impressive guitar skills add another layer of depth to his music. He’s a regular at major events within and outside Lagos, having performed at Ignite with Bob Fits, the Lagos International Jazz Festival, the Emerging Africa Leaders Awards, and Olatunde Obajeun’s World Music Day celebration and lot’s more.


Saffiya is a mesmerizing artist gaining attention with her music. Her tracks “My Man,” “Opinions,” and “Dark Nights” highlight her ability to create soulful melodies that deeply connect with listeners. Her varied collection of songs suggests there’s much more to look forward to from this emerging talent.

10. Zeeter

Hailing from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, Zeeter Oliver is a captivating force in the Afrobeat scene. She wears the label “chronic Afrofusion artiste” with pride, weaving together diverse musical influences to create her signature sound. Beyond captivating audiences with her own infectious music, Zeeter is also a dedicated tastemaker. She is the host of Afropiano Verse” and “Spakam Music”. Tracks like “Twilight,” “Falling,” “Hot Sauce,” and “Electrified” have solidified Zeeter’s place as a fan favorite. Her music promises an electrifying journey through the vibrant tapestry of Afrofusion.

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