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JVA Launches Inaugural “Vocal Mastery Bootcamp” for Singers



JoycyUbi Vocal Academy (JVA) proudly announces the successful launch of its first physical vocal training event, the “Vocal Mastery Bootcamp,” held on January 27th, 2024.

The Bootcamp, tailored for aspiring singers, offered an intensive training program covering a wide array of vocal techniques, including range expansion, flat note avoidance, breath control exercises, and a comprehensive understanding of Vocal Anatomy, among other essential aspects of singing.

Participants enthusiastically engaged in the rigorous exercises designed to enhance their vocal skills and received personalized feedback from expert facilitators to guide them on their musical journey.

The primary objective of the Vocal Mastery Bootcamp is to cultivate and refine vocal abilities through a structured and immersive learning experience. While JVA has predominantly offered online training for singers in the past, the decision to organize this physical Bootcamp underscores our commitment to providing diverse and impactful learning opportunities.

Lead Director Joycy Ubi expressed her excitement about the successful execution of the inaugural Bootcamp and the enthusiastic response from participants. “We are thrilled to witness such a positive turnout for our first physical Bootcamp,” said Ubi. “This event reaffirms our dedication to offering innovative and effective training methods to aspiring singers. We look forward to expanding our offerings and organizing more enriching experiences throughout the year.”

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