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*Ruggedman showcases versatility, silence doubters with “T.M.S.E”



(The Michael Stephens Experiment)

Nigerian rap veteran Ruggedman proves his adaptability and enduring talent with his latest offering, the four-track EP “T.M.S.E” (The Michael Stephens Experience). This project is a testament to his evolution, showcasing a variety of musical styles that cater to diverse tastes.

 The EP kicks off with “OG,” a potent anthem featuring seasoned rappers Uzikwendu, Jesse Jagz, Eva Alordiah, and MISTA STYLES. This track is a declaration of Ruggedman’s OG status in the industry. He cleverly weaves in Igbo and Yoruba verses while boasting about his pioneering role in shaping the Nigerian rap scene.

 “Godfather na who I be / Notoriously mehn I B.I.G. / Legacy Legacy Legacy / Laid the blueprint for the industry,” he raps on the trap-infused beat, making a clear statement about his lasting impact. The guest verses from the other rappers are equally impressive, packed with punchlines and wordplay that solidify the track’s strength.

Ruggedman demonstrates his versatility beyond braggadocio raps. “One Man” is a smooth Afrobeats-Amapiano fusion featuring McDow.

Here, he displays a witty confidence, dropping lines like “Old cat but I wicked pass young Jonn,” proving his lyrical prowess remains sharp despite generational shifts in the music scene. Slide 4: “Gara,” a highlife tune clocking in at just under 2.5 minutes, unveils another facet of Ruggedman’s artistry. This song translates to “pride” or “confidence,” and the “Baraje” crooner surprises by flexing his vocal muscles. Lines like “Me I give them Gbedu with the jara on top / Me I go dey gara and I no go ever stop” highlight his self-assured swagger, while the melodious chorus is catchy and easy to remember.

The EP takes a heartwarming turn with “Found Love,” showcasing Ruggedman’s softer side. The song features a beautiful lead guitar intro by Fiokee, setting the stage for a love song dedicated to his special someone. This track might surprise fans accustomed to his rapping style, but it showcases his artistic growth and willingness to explore new avenues. The lyrics, filled with adoration (“Girl you shine like the sun, baby you are my number one”), are a sweet ode to his love interest.

Conclusion: “T.M.S.E” undoubtedly highlights Ruggedman’s multifaceted talent and his ability to adapt to changing times. While the repetitive nature of some choruses might be a minor drawback, the overall production is strong, making the listening experience enjoyable.

The choice of collaborations adds a refreshing layer of sonic diversity, and the sequencing keeps the project engaging from start to finish. With this EP, Ruggedman silences any doubts about his relevance. He emphatically declares that his passion for music remains vibrant, and his artistry continues to evolve and impress.

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