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Actress Eka Duke Apologizes in an Open Letter to ‘Money’



An image of Eka Duke

Nollywood actress Eka Duke has addressed an open letter to money while also apologizing

The actress admitted that she was only young and foolish when she said during a debate in school that “education is better than money.” She then asked for money to forgive her. Eka Duke asserted that she is only attracted to money since she has learned her lesson.

She wrote:

“I remember in school debate when I supported the motion that ‘education is better than money’. Money, please forgive me. I was a child. Please forgive me oooooooo, I was only but a child.. I was naïve no proper orientation.. I have taken a new Live dear Money. I change my motion, my Locomotive Force is attracted to only you now. Hope I have been able to convince you, not to confuse you, Dear MONEY.”