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No regrets having child outside wedlock- Crowncy Anyanwu



It is no longer news that actress, Crowncy Anyanwu, a few weeks ago welcomed her new born baby in the United Kingdom.

While recounting her experience as a first-time mum, the Imo State-born Thespian in a chat with Saturday Sun noted that motherhood has changed her perception of life.

Hear her: “I feel so happy becoming a mother. Looking at my daughter gives me so much joy, but then again the sleeplessness is something else. I am enjoying every bit of it.

 “Labour room experience was something else, but then I had my baby in a developed country, so they made the pain less with advanced technology.

“To be honest, realizing how difficult it is to be pregnant, deliver and nurture a newborn, changed the way I treat people, especially mothers. I have grown to have so much respect for them, starting from my mum. It has changed my perspective about life.”

Anyanwu further revealed that having a child out of wedlock wasn’t a deal breaker for her mother who had long waited to hold her grandchild.

“My mother doesn’t have any issue with me for having a child before marriage. She was so happy when I broke the pregnancy news to her. I never knew she had been waiting to hear such. She is already here with me in the UK to help get my things back to Nigeria. I would not be able to carry the baby and my luggage at the same time, so she came to help.

“Looking back at my life and career choices, I have no regrets. I don’t like regretting, even if I didn’t do it right, I will learn from it,” she stated.