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Motherhood best experience any mother can have-Iyabo Ojo



Popular actress, Iyabo Ojo has shared her thoughts on the joys of motherhood. Ojo made this known on her podcast, ‘Gold room with Iyabo Ojo’. She said: “Motherhood is the best experience any woman can have. It’s the best gift. No matter what you have, it cannot measure up to the love you have for your child. It just fulfills you, even if you don’t have anything, it just fulfills knowing that you have a child.” Her words resonate deeply with the countless mothers who understand the indescribable bond formed with their children.

The stylish actress further highlighted how motherhood has the power to shape perspectives and cultivate gratitude towards one’s own mother. “Motherhood allows you, as a woman, to appreciate your own mother. When you don’t have kids, you have a cat and dog relationship with your mother. I don’t know how I was able to win Priscilla over. She is the carbon copy of me, all the good sides of me. I used to say I hope she doesn’t end up being like me because I am very stubborn. When you have your kids, you begin to appreciate your mother the most,” she explained.