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Saga BBNaija laments says he pays N5.1m for rent




Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Adeoluwa Okusaga, popularly known as Saga has opened up on why some former housemates of the show get depressed when they leave the house.

The reality TV star, who was a housemate in the 2021 edition tagged Shine Ya Eye, said that the overwhelming change in living standards of former housemates contributed to some being depressed.

He revealed this in an interview with PiggyVest, stating that he could no longer do the things he normally did before he went into the BBNaija house.

On the other hand, Saga added that his finances had multiplied compared to what he earned before he became popular.

He said, “I’ve been making 10 times what I was making before I got into the BBN house. But the sad thing is that I’ve been spending 15 times what I was spending before I got in.

“Let me start with the obvious one. Clothes. You will pay a stylist N100,000 to style you and you still give them the clothes back. I’m telling you. When people tell me, ‘Come for my event, come for my event’, it’s not that easy. I have to buy clothes.

“The next is accommodation. I used to live in a three-bedroom house. The rent was N600,000, and I was sharing the apartment with my guys. So that was N200,000. Right now, I am paying N5.1m.

“That’s what makes some housemates depressed. It’s a life-changing event. It changes your reality drastically.”

Saga also said the amount he spends on furnishing his living space stating that it also affected the cost of his feeding.

He revealed that clothes worn for events are returned as a common practice since buying them would cost more, especially not being able to wear clothes used to take pictures posted on Instagram.

Saga, who was tagged lover boy of the 2021 BBNaija season 6 due to his involvement with fellow housemate, Nini, stated that he had to arrest someone after paying for an apartment he did not pay keen attention to.

“So I am paying that and I’ve had to furnish the house. It’s expensive, but it’s not like I can still be living in my father’s house at this age. I can’t fly economy anymore; although I am not the one paying for it. Food is more expensive, too. I can’t eat my Iya Basira and my roadside bole.

“But this thing called clothes! You return everything back because if you have to buy it, you spend more.

“The real deal-breaker is that once I wear something and take a photo for Instagram, I can’t wear them again anytime soon.

“Another thing that takes a lot of money is Airbnb and hotels. When you leave the house, you move into one of those. Every housemate is guilty of this one. Because you are moving around so much; today, you are in Warri, tomorrow, you are in Abuja; you can’t find the time to look for a house.

“Sometimes you find a good place but before you pay, someone else has taken it. It got to a point where I paid for a place before I took a good look at it. I had to arrest the guy before I got my money back. That was on Christmas Day!

“When I finally got a place and brought my clothes together, I felt like I should open a boutique!” Saga lamented.