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Nancy Isime slams blogger over romance allegation with married businessman



A popular instagram blog, Gistlovers, has accused an actress, Nancy Isime, of being in a romantic relationship with a married man, identified simply as Michael.

In a post that had been trending on social media platforms, the blogger alleged that Nancy’s secret lover had been responsible for her extravagant lifestyle including a recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

The post read, “See if you sleep this night you are own your own ooo, this story na segment, things people do for money go shock una ooo.

“Meet the married olosho man behind aunty Nancy Istanbul trip, see make everywhere scatter make me sef run comot on top him app, una fit collect this page too, I no send anybody papa again, eh feee ku, I come in peace.”

In a brief response, Nancy reacted saying, “Instabul trip…. Hmmm. Interesting!! I’ve never been to Instabul before but who cares Abeg I no sleep this night oh! Give us gist Abeg”

However, the blogger, who described Nancy as a ‘beautiful liar’ in a follow-up post, posted a picture of the alleged secret lover, and challenged the OAP to deny knowing him.

“You wan deny your sponsor, Michael, Nancy look my face talk say you no sabi this man, BEAUTIFUL LIAR!!! Una sha don success in pursuing the man’s wife from the house, hand go touch una one by one,” the post read in part.

Reacting, Nancy, who confirmed knowing Michael, said his company had been sponsoring her show.

She said, “Ahn Ahn. Oba of life! Why I nor go come here? Nor be vawulence nation? You nor want make I follow gather? Deny Mr Michael Dion Goli? Abeg read inside these comments make you see where I write say I know am!

“Naim company -UK Dion be the headline sponsors of my show TNIS season 3. Na me even host their new office launch. I even invite am and e family for my birthday.”

However, Nigerians had been criticizing the actress following the allegation.

The development spurred Nancy to give further clarification in a lengthy post on Instagram, where she said Nigerian women with plans to be successful, shouldn’t be surprised when people make wrong allegations against their personalities.

She added, “I knew the breaking news was coming, there’s been too much positive news about me online, not everyone likes that. Once your name drives traffic, the propaganda begins with or without evidence. But listen, I refused to be bullied by patriarchy!

“Sad part, if I haven’t even scratched surface yet. God just started with me and yes, it is easy to say ignore until you are on set filming till 11pm, on the phone constantly working towards the season premiere lunch of your show amongst all the other obligations for brands you work with and future projects.

“Literally, mentally and physically exhausted and trying to make something out of your life only to check your notification and it’s flooded with comments calling you out of your name. I am talking about thousands of comments. Like I said, since we can’t sue a faceless account, we at least deserve concrete proof of the allegation laid.

“Dig it up and let us see, not just resort to calling names and trying to bully me into silence and out of fear and restricting my comments so no one can see, then screen munching same comment for clout. Glad this happened on international women’s month, the bias towards women will be broken until then.

“We stay grinding. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nancy Isime, actor, multiple award-winning host, CEO, NIP, studios executive producer and creator of the Nancy Isime show. Any other title is yours not mine.