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Tribalism in Nigeria worse than racism- Paul Dairo



Paul Play Dairo says he can put up with racism in the United Kingdom more than the scourge of tribalism in Nigeria.

The singer, in an Instagram post on Monday, bemoaned “the manipulation and evil schemings of tribalism”.

Dairo said he had yet to encounter racism that compares to what he described as tribalism and segregation in Nigeria.

“I’m in the UK and I’m yet to experience the kind of racism that is comparable to the manipulation and evil schemings of tribalism in my country. If a white man is racist to me, I’ll take it lightly and move on,” he wrote.

 “Do you know why? I’m in his country. I mean, what should I expect?

“Unless he or she tries to be an a***ole by getting physical about it. I’m in his space so I can only decide to take it in my stride because some people have totally made my home unworthy for even animals to survive in.

“This is for all you guys frowning because you experiencing racism. You’re better off leaving for home if it’s too much for you because I’ve got news for you. It’s never going to stop!

 “So better brace up and focus on your goals and achieve rather than straining nerves over a perpetual problem.”

Dairo said Africans should focus on tackling the greed among its leaders that has made their countries unappealing.

“In fact what we should worry about is systemic racism in any country black people help to build,” he added.

“I’m not talking about Nigerians sorry, I’m talking about African Americans, Jamaicans, Haitians, and others.

 “Africans should face their greedy leaders because they’re in on the west and China’s plan to indulge in the economic invasion of our motherland.

“We crying about Ukrainians being racist by allowing their own people to get on the train first.

“Listen, guys, if my child and your child need to be saved. I’m here with my child but you suffered yours so bad he has to come live in my house. When trouble comes who will I save first?”


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