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Halima Abubakar drags Mercy Johnson, Annie Idibia into Apostle Suleman saga



Mercy Johnson and Annie Idibia have become embroiled in the ugly dispute that actress Halima Abubakar is having with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The clergyman, whom the 37-year-old claimed to be her lover, has received a number of threats from the woman.

Halima requested Mercy and Annie Idibia, previously Annie Macaulay, to get ready in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“Mercy Johnson you must collect. Forget say we come from same place. Get ready,” she wrote.

“Annie Macaulay if I hear, say you collect, I respect you Innocent, but she go collect,” the mother of one added.

In an Instagram post on September 19, Halima Abubakar claimed she agreed to date Suleman at the time because the cleric told her he had separated from his wife.

“I f*ck up yes. I own my mistakes. But I won’t lie anymore. Nigga said he was separated. I didn’t meet a married man. I met a bizman with three kids. Long story, stay away from liars,” she wrote.

In another post, the mother of one also accused the clergyman of paying blogs monthly to promote lies.

She wrote: “Every month only you. How do you sleep? You paid off the blogs, only you, God forbid. Look for lies and send it to your bloggers. They need am.“But you you you JS. You bought market Sule. Emperor Sule. Allow me rest biko. Don’t fuck with me bro. Dude.”

Suleman is not new to controversy. For several years, he has been facing allegations of sexual involvement with Canada-based singer Stephanie Otobo.

In July 2022, the cleric was in the news again after a blog claimed he had affair with some Nigerian actresses including Halima, Georgina Onuoha, Queen Nwokoye, Shan George, Iyabo Ojo, Angela Okorie, Vivian Metchie and Mercy Johnson.