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Veteran Nollywood actor Tony Umez shares stunning photos as he clocks 56




Tony Umez, a seasoned actor, has shared stunning photos and also written a heartfelt message for his wife, kids, and colleagues as he turns 56.

On Wednesday, August 24, the actor who recently criticised his network provider posted a message on Instagram thanking his wife for her support and acknowledging her role in his life.

In addition, Tony Umez expressed gratitude to his kids for making him happy and a proud father.

Thespian asked his colleagues and backers in a proud tone to look at their “guy” at 56 years old with pride.

He shared beautiful images on the platform and wrote:

“Happy birthday to ME, Thank you Almighty God for making me the man that I am TODAY. Thank you my wife, my DIAMOND, for investing in the man I have become TODAY. 56 sits well on me because of YOU. And to my children, thank you for all the JOY you have showered on me through the years and for making me the proudest Dad ever.

“I love you all to bits. And to my friends, other family members and colleagues who also contributed one way “and” another to the MAN I am TODAY, make una see una guy @ 56 o!”

Fellow celebrities and fans wished him a happy birthday in the post’s comment section.

Here are some photos below:

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