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Nollywood made us believe people turn into cats- ID Cabasa



Music producer, Olumide Ogunade, better known as ID Cabasa, has said shared the role Nollywood has played in setting negative agendas in the minds of people.

ID Cabasa made this known as a guest on the ‘Honest Bunch Podcast.

He said:”Nollywood has made us believe that people turn into cats, that the good will always prevail over bad.Nollywood has created mindsets that it will take proper orientation and God to actually break those mindsets”.

Cabasa also shed light on the detrimental impact of drug use in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Expressing concern for the younger generation, he stated,”For most of the young people coming up, who is investing in them that this thing(drug) is not what will put wisdom in you? We like to tell people don’t do this, we don’t educate them. Nothing God created is good or bad.It is how you use it that makes it good or bad.The church wants to take over the entertainment industry, but they are only investing wisdom, they are not investing money.And trust me one of the first needs of man is survival.Even when Jesus was praying he said ‘give us this day our daily bread”.

On what he has observed popular artistes like Olamide, Cabasa said:” Observing top artistes like Olamide, who is close to me, and others like 9ice, reveals that they speak less and listen more. While others are speaking, they are silently connecting the dots and weaving their own narratives.”