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Dunsin Oyekan slams Odumeje, says his words mock Christian faith



Gospel musician Dunsin Oyekan criticized the words of controversial preacher Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, also known as Odumeje, labeling them as a mockery of the Christian faith.

Odumeje sparked controversy with a video where he claimed he would utilize his supposed powers to alleviate the current economic challenges. In another video featuring Flavour, Odumeje referred to himself as a “warlord” and spoke of releasing various “powers” such as “Cidaniel,” “Santus Sanatorial,” “Ribadu,” “Gandu Gagadusha,” “Dabush Kabash,” “Lebadushe Lemande,” “Indaboski Bahose,” and “Abido Shaker,” the last of which gained traction on TikTok, inspiring users to create content and memes.

Expressing his disapproval in an Instagram post, Dunsin condemned both the video and the associated TikTok trends, emphasizing that such displays undermine the Christian faith and should be halted. He urged believers to recognize the seriousness of the matter, cautioning against the propagation of such content.

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