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Controversy as Portable’s wife, Bewaji battles with babymama/mistress on his 30th birthday



Nigerian singer with a penchant for controversy, Habeeb Okikiola, widely known as Portable, is undoubtedly basking in the affection of his numerous admirers. As he hits the milestone of turning 30 today, March 12th, he finds himself enveloped in love from his wife, Bewaji, as well as his array of baby mamas and mistresses.

Bewaji, his devoted wife, has been eagerly anticipating his birthday and has showcased her primacy in his life by sharing photos from his birthday shoot, prominently featuring herself. Affirming her status as his foremost Queen, Bewaji penned a heartfelt note to him, extolling him as the most remarkable man in her world. She expressed her profound gratitude for the joy and happiness he brings into her life, eagerly anticipating another year of shared adventures and cherished memories.

Shortly thereafter, his mistress, Queen Dami, the estranged wife of the late Alaafin of Oyo, also took to Instagram to celebrate him with a similar message of admiration and affection. She hailed Portable as an extraordinary man, expressing gratitude for the love, laughter, and happiness he brings into her life, wishing for more years of shared adventures together.

Earlier, Ashabi, his third babymama, had taken to social media to offer her own birthday wishes, succinctly describing him as her chosen celebrity crush and offering her prayers.

Despite being married with two children, Portable continues to lead a promiscuous lifestyle, evidenced by his multiple baby mamas and mistresses. His romantic entanglements have been a subject of public interest, with rumors swirling about additional offspring. Last year, Portable acknowledged his involvement with Queen Dami but denied paternity of her child, emphasizing his reluctance to engage in affairs with married women.

In a surprising revelation last year, Portable disclosed in an interview that Bewaji wasn’t his first wife but rather his daughter initially. He recounted her unwavering support during challenging times, highlighting his vigilance in protecting their relationship from external interference.

Throughout the tumultuous dynamics of his personal life, Portable maintains a strict boundary, ensuring that his mistresses never encroach upon his relationship with his wife.