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Why ‘sugar daddy’ is important to society – Actor Nedu



Comedian Nedu

Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, popularly known as Nedu, aControversial media personality and actor, has said sugar daddy (local parlance for rich, married men who indulge in extramarital affairs with young, single ladies) is important to the industry because it makes “the world go round.”

Nedu opined that many luxury businesses are thriving because of sugar daddies.

He said many ladies want flashy lifestyles, and sugar daddies are the ones bankrolling their dream lifestyles.

He stated this in the recent episode of The Honest Bunch audiovisual podcast co-hosted by him.

The OAP said: “Every girl wants a ‘baby girl’ lifestyle. We must give shoutouts to a lot of sugar daddies. God bless every sugar daddy out there.

“Sugar daddy is an industry on its own. A lot of sugar daddies, they make the world go round. Sugar daddies are the reasons why some resorts have customers.”