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VIDEO: London humbled him – Destiny Etiko, Lizzy Gold mock Nigerian Governor-elect



A video that went viral showing Nollywood stars Destiny Etiko and Lizzy Gold discussing their recent discovery while boarding a bus in the UK has stirred up discussion online.

The Screen Divas, along with other Nigerian celebrities, are currently in London for Nosa Rex’s Mr. Cumm concert.

A new video posted to Lizzy’s Facebook page showed the duo, their colleagues, and a number of passengers standing inside a crowded bus, waiting for a seat.

Destiny and Lizzy decided to have fun as a way of dealing with the stressful situation.

The movie stars claimed in the video that they saw a famous and newly-elected Nigerian Governor standing with them inside the bus without escorts.


This comes after Destiny Etiko caused a frenzy online following her attempt to flag down a ‘taxi’ in London.

Lizzy Gold who filmed Destiny was surprised by her act and repeatedly called her a ‘bush girl’ after all efforts to stop her failed.