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Portable brags as he releases new song after regaining freedom



Portable Omolalomi, a Nigerian singer, has released a new song just days after regaining his freedom.

His new song, ‘Federal Government Liability,’ depicts his time in detention.

Portable described himself as a child of grace because he carries a unique grace that can never be disgraced.

Portable boasted that they took him to prison, but he did not wear their clothing because he is not a prisoner.

He threatens to report anyone who gossips about him to the police as he is a federal government liability.

“I am a child of Grace. Latest glory. From star to the eagle, come and see grace wey no dey disgrace. They carried me to prison but I didn’t wear their cloth. Leave me alone. I am not a prisoner. Talk about me, and I will report you to police officers. After Government na Government, too much pressure”.





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