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Sabinus’ lookalike storms street with escort, gives out money, some mistake him for main comedian



Mr Cultivator, a man who bears a striking resemblance to the popular satirist Sabinus or Mr Funny, recently stormed the street and caused consternation among onlookers.

Mr Cultivator, also known as Aba Sabinus, was seen in the video purchasing a phone pouch when some men approached him and began hailing him as Sabinus.

While some knew he wasn’t the popular skit creator, others were sceptical. Mr Cultivator was seen with a bouncer who whisked him into the car after he gave the men hailing him some money.

Aba Sabinus zoomed off in his car as he was being hailed by both women and men.

Sharing the video on his IG page, Aba Sabinus noted that people are still confused and finding it difficult to differentiate, he wrote:

“They’re still confused ?”

Watch the video below:

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