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Not every female clubber is broke – Pretty Mike



Pretty Mike

Lagos socialite, Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu aka Pretty Mike, has disagreed with the supposed mentality of nightlife business owners.

The notorious media sensation in a post, challenged club owners on the need to do away with the notion that most girls who visit their establishments are either broke, man-hunting or seeking who to buy them drink(s).

According to him, some ladies who visit clubs without men are capable of footing their bills and are there to simply have fun.

He wrote: “People in the nightlife business, need to understand that not every girl that comes to their establishment is broke, hunting for a man or looking for someone to buy them a bottle.

“Some of these ladies are perfectly capable of holding their own. They just want to have fun without having men added to their “All Girls” reserved table.

“They want to be free to spend their hard-earned money without getting insulted or discriminated simply because they chose to hang out without men.

“Who said only men can be chief-spenders/ballers?

He apologised to three ladies who inspired his post after they endured embarrassment at the club for not being in the company of men.

He added: “…..My sincere apologies to the three Ladies that were embarrassed the last nite at the club, all because they weren’t in the company of Men …..”

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