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Why I will kiss Portable-Destiny Amaka



Actress, Destiny Amaka shocked many when she revealed that she can kiss singer, Portale

Speaking with reality TV star Uriel on Inside Scoop by Pulse, Amaka delved into her craft as an actress stating how serious she takes her work. She stressed that for her, all that matters is delivery and described how she gets herself ready to deliver her scenes.

“Acting is about delivery. You have to deliver. The people watching it are not going to hear that I had menstrual cramps or I had a bad day. For me, what works is self-love. I’d fuck myself. I’d kiss myself. I turn myself on,” she said.

She added, “So when I’m acting, it’s like we’re about to produce more self-love. So you could be Portable and I could,” work with the person.

At that point, Uriel interjected, “Wait, wait, Portable? The one that sang ‘I dey on my own ooh’ with Skepta”, after which Amaka burst into a fit of laughter and confirmed.

Uriel then asked, “Wait, would you kiss Portable?” and Amaka responded, “if I was getting paid for it.”

Completely astonished by her answer, Uriel asked, “Even with your tongue?” to which the actress said, “I would kiss Portable if I was being paid for it. Okay forget the paying part, if it would interpret and deliver what we need the audience to receive, I’d do anything for the art.”