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I will rather be rich and not famous- Deyemi Okanlawon



Popular actor, Deyemi Okanlawon has stated that he prefers being rich than being famous. The ‘Love in a pandemic’ actor made this known as a guest on ‘The Big Tega Podcast.

Sharing his thoughts on fame and fortune, he said:” Sometimes there are broke famous people.I will rather be rich and not famous, than famous and not rich”.

When asked how he handles fame, he said: “I handle fame with humility. An actor that I respect once broke it down to me. He said, for people to see one on screen and then open up their hearts to one, accepting to be a fan, it’s a thing of grace.It really had nothing do with one. Because there are people who are better looking. He said every time that it happens, one should understand that it comes from a place of grace.One cannot take credit for grace.Anytime people reach out, I am really appreciative of it. At the same time, I think I let my heart be grateful and let my mind put is where it is supposed to be.I look at fame and all of these as  something separate from me.My identity is not tied to how famous I am”.

Speaking further, the baritone voiced actor said he has learnt to separate what he does from who he is.

“One of the things I have done pretty well  is to be able to separate Deyemi from the actor.If you give me a good film, a good music, a good food and a chilled place, I will be happy. That’s my happy spot. Deyemi the actor has to do the whole red carpet thing, going to parties and showing up  in a couple of places because of work. I am an introvert. I grew up a very shy kid.That’s essentially who I am”.

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