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Why Apple Music NG is irrelevant – Tems’ manager, Awoniyi



Tems’ manager, Muyiwa Awoniyi, has chastised singers that are preoccupied with ruling the Apple Music Nigeria chart.

Such performers, he claims, are out of touch with reality, despite the fact that the Afrobeats music movement has gone global.

On Monday, Awoniyi announced this on Twitter.

He wrote, “Imagining caring about Apple Music NG in 2023. Are you a baby? Or you don’t know the scene is global now?”

Quizzed by a fan on why he thinks the Apple Music Nigeria chart is irrelevant, Awoniyi explained: “The amount of users of the app within the country is what makes a chart relevant. You clearly don’t even know how many people even have Apple Music in Nigeria.”

Recall that there are speculations that some artists manipulate chart positions on Apple Music Nigeria using a technology called “streaming farm.”


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