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I worked as tout after I ran away from home – Singer Oxlade



Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, better known as Oxlade, a Nigerian singer, has revealed that he did menial jobs to pay his bills after fleeing his home to pursue his music career.

He claimed to have sold bus tickets at one point, a job common among motor park touts known colloquially as “agbero.”

In a recent interview, the musician revealed that he had to leave home because his lecturer father initially did not support his decision to become a musician.

He said: “Honestly, he [my dad] was indifferent at first. But my stubbornness and consistency paid off [laughs].

“I ran away from the house at some point in my life to pursue music personally. And I had to do all sorts of stuff to survive. Selling bus tickets and selling foods at parties.”

Stressing that he is from the ‘streets of Surulere’ in Lagos, he avowed that “if you can survive in Surulere, you can survive anywhere.”

He added that the experience he had in the ghetto helped him make better decisions.

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