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“Stop letting your fans deceive you…” – May Edochie receives powerful advice over her marriage



May Yul Edochie, the wife of actor Yul Edochie, has received some powerful marriage advice from her fans.

Yul’s marriage to another woman, Judy Austin, who has a son for him, is no longer news. Following his marriage, his first wife, May Edochie, campaigned against polygamy, resulting in the couple’s divorce.

May’s divorce from Yul signalled a new beginning in her life, as she saw a boost in her career. Many celebrities and fans have backed the fair-skinned graduate, who has also landed several endorsement deals.

While promoting one of her brands, the mother of four had taken to Instagram to share stunning photos of herself with the caption, “Oh yes I’m just getting started”.

Taking to her comment section, some fans had advised her to return to her husband and save her marriage.

One Abuchi Bokolo bango wrote, “Most of the ladies here are broke and can’t order anything, they only can afford 200 naira data to hype you out of your marriage. Ndi mgbi

One Victor Dikachi wrote, “Go take care of your home and stop letting all these peeps be deceiving you… They all wish they are with yul now

One Chris wrote, “My dear infidelity is natural. Forget all these Nigerians hyping you they are good at that. The devil you know is better than d Angel you don’t know. Most women here their house maids is even taking care of their husband’s more than them. Remember your kids love you more than ever please go be there for them. Hypers your insults can come in how

Another noted how May’s marital drama has elevated her status. “This una marriage wahala just come make u dey popular. Who knows u before?”.