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I have been single for over 10 years, but have regular sex- Mr. Macaroni spills



Debo Adedayo, better known as Mr. Macaroni, a well-known Nigerian comedian, skitmaker and activist, has managed to raise some eyebrows by revealing in a recent statement that he has been single for over ten years and still have regular intercourse.

While discussing this on the podcast “Chook Mouth” with Adeherself and other guests, Mr. Macaroni revealed more information about his romantic relationships.

Mr. Macaroni’s response comes after Adeherself, who was once thought to be dating comedian Cute Abiola, claimed that 99% of men are possessive.

Adeherself asserts that men constantly demand the complete love and attention of women in relationships, noting that this causes women to become envious, which is unhealthy for relationships.

Mr. Macaroni responds by criticising Adeherself’s assertions that men are possessive because he said he is not possessive.

Adeherself responds by accusing Mr. Macaroni of lying and claiming that it is impossible for Mr. Macaroni to have reached this conclusion because he is not the one dating himself.

Speaking of dating, Mr. Macaroni supports his assertions by mentioning that he hasn’t been with anyone for ten (10) years.

By admitting that he had been having sex, Mr. Macaroni further disproved his earlier claim that he was a virgin.

Watch the video here