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Actor Raph Niyi raises alarm over alleged threat to leak nude video



Raph Niyi, a Yoruba actor, has expressed concern over a rumored threat to leak his nude video.

On Monday, October 24, the film’s director revealed this in a video posted on Instagram.

Raph claims that if he doesn’t comply with his request, a member of his team has been threatening to make the video public.

“It is with a heavy heart that I come to you to tell you that I have a blackmailer on my team who is claiming to have a copy of probably nude video of me. And for three days now he has been threatening to go online if I don’t give him something.

“I am not one that will give in to blackmail, I have told him to go ahead. I have already spoken to a couple of friends and I want to thank them for giving me words of encouragement, my wife, my family already I told them when this happened so please I just want to let you know. In my line of work anytime can happen, if my omission you happen to get my nude and then you are now saying you want money with it, I don’t think it will happen with me,” he said.

The 50-year-old who started his acting career in 2003 has been featured in movies and TV series such as Ibi, Veng, Queen Jezebel, Oja-Ale and Olode.

He also directed the Christain film Victory at Last.

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