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Basketmouth hits entertainers for not showing up after payment



Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth, a stand-up comedian and actor, has heavily criticised musicians and comedians who receive payment for performances but fail to show up. He termed those crops of entertainers as “unprofessional.”

He claims that he feels disgusted whenever he hears about such entertainers because they put him and other industry members in a bad light.

Basketmouth said this in an interview with The Punch Newspaper.

He also discussed his conflict with a real estate firm that he paid N31 million for 14 years ago but still hasn’t received the house and his mistrust of the nation’s judicial system.

The comic act said: “When I hear stories like that, I feel disgusted because comedy is not a regular job. One has time to craft one’s content, and even if another event comes up, one can attend both if one plans one’s time well. When a client books one and one does not show up, one has not only disappointed them, one has also being unprofessional.”