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VIDEO: Luchy Donalds twerks to celebrate Nuella Njubigbo’s brand new car



Celebrating her friend and colleague Nuella Njubigbo’s recent purchase of a new Lexus, actress Luchy Donalds demonstrated her twerking prowess.

On Tuesday, August 30, Luchy posted an Instagram update announcing Nuella’s most recent accomplishment. To celebrate the new car, she also included a video of herself twerking.

In the video, a beaming Luchy could be heard yelling, “our car ooo,” as Nuella laughed as she jumped inside.

As the duo entered the car, Luchy further hailed Nuella saying, “this is machine, this is machine, Nna eh let me relax.”

Captioning the video she posted, the 31-year-old wrote: “Me when I beheld my friend’s car @nuella_njubigbo, Boo Issa, balling oo”.

Both on and off of social media, Luchy and Nuella have a close friendship. In honour of Luchy’s birthday in May, Nuella also wrote a heartfelt message to her on Instagram.

She wrote: “My boo To The Toppest Top!!! @luchydonald Happy birthday to a sweet and caring friend, keep being you baby, more life, more money more joy, more soft life more elevation in Jesus name Amen. Love you boo.”

Watch the video below:

For her birthday last year, Nuella also bought herself a brand-new car.

She was joined by her colleague Oma Nnadi, Ruby Ojiakor, Georgina Ibeh, Christabel Nnadi, Uche Ogbodo, Prince Nwafor, and Eve Esin at the birthday celebration, where money rained.

The mother of one got married to producer and actor, Tchidi Chikere after the latter broke up with his ex wife, actress, Sophia Williams.

The couple however, sparked divorce rumour in 2021 after they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Explaining the reason for their separation in an Instagram post on April 28, after a critic called him out, Tchidi claimed Nuella took her things and sneaked out of the house.

He wrote: “My first marriage lasted 11 years, my second lasted 7 years until she took her things and sneaked out of the house. The problem with some of you women is you think you run the world because men don’t talk. Maybe one day I’ll tell my story if I feel I really need the love of one-track-minded people like you. Now get off my page or shut up.”

Nuella and Tchidi got married in a traditional wedding held in her family compound in Anambra State on March 29, 2014. They have a daughter together.

Tchidi has three other children from his previous marriage to Sophia Williams.

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