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Judy Austin under attack for mourning Yul Edochie’s son



Judy Austin, the second wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has come under fire for her public expression of grief over the death of the actor’s son, Kambi Yul-Edochie.

Yul’s son died on March 30 after having a seizure while playing football with his classmates at school.

Judy posted a candle on her Instagram page on Thursday and prayed that Kambi Yul-Edochie rests in heaven with God.

“God knows best. Rest in Heaven with God, Great son. Kambi Yul-Edochie.” She wrote.

Her condolence message came hours after her husband mourned his son on Facebook.

Reacting to her message, some Nigerians accused her of being insensitive and urged her to leave the grieving family.

Here are some comments on Instagram.

Queen corah said, ”Leave from in this woman business meh. A mother is grieving her child and you over her posting it, knowing you have caused her pain as well.

Sandra duoe, ”Honestly, I think you should leave that woman and everything that has to do with her. Leave her child alone it’s not the right time.”

King_lascurt, ”Silence would have been better. Your condolence hold no water.”

Mizalizah, ”This can win an award as the most unnecessary post of 2023. Pls Judy, whether you mean well or not, leave the parents alone to mourn their child. Don’t disrespect the mom pls.”

Valshugy, ”This woman stop putting yourself for drags.Just stop for Christ sake.Don’t u even think ?Who is advising you?”

Zara_savoria, ”Judy Leave May and her children alone, stay in your lane, stop forcing yourself on people!!! Nobody send u this one when u post nah u go.”

Insta_glos, ”Yul deleted you and your son from his page. That one was not enough for you to back off. He wants you to back off. Take your affair with him offline. There are no accolades to be gotten from flaunting a married man as yours on Instagram, only depression.”