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How my boyfriend goes down on me during menstruation – Actress Monalisa Stephen spills (VIDEO)



Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen has revealed a weird activity she indulges in sexually.

The actress stated that her boyfriend used to have oral sex with her even while on her menstrual period.

Prior to this, Monalisa made headlines when she accused influencer Caramel Plugg of “misleading” women who support their partners while they are dating.

Monalisa shared an experience on media personality Nedu’s show that caused a stir on social media. She claimed that she and her boyfriend used to engage in oral sex while she was on her period.

Monalisa nodded in agreement while the other guests on the broadcast responded with amazement in their eyes. She acknowledged that at first, she found it strange.

She continued by saying that a guy must adore every aspect of his woman if he is to win her love.

Watch Video below:

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