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Love fades without money, says Charity Nnaji



Charity Nnaji

Charity Nnaji, an actress, asserted that money has an impact on her love for a man. She stated during an interview with Saturday Beats, “Money is my major priority. Even if I don’t love the person and he has money, I would start loving the person with time. However, if the person does not have money, I would start hating the person with time. The love will fade.”

In reference to women who are referred to as begging because they rely on men to meet their needs, she said, “I don’t understand why a man would just walk up to a lady like that. Does the man think the lady just woke up one day and became beautiful? Someone went out of his way to buy those things that made her look beautiful. If the man feels that he can get to her without contributing to her needs, how does that sound?

“Even the Bible says that God so loved the world and gave out His son. God did not receive but He gave. That means that if one loves another, that person must give. The only way to prove love is by giving. If someone says he loves me and he cannot give me money, that love is questionable.”

On if she can accept advances from a fan, she said, “The manner of approach is what I consider when it comes to advances from fans. If any fan introduces himself properly, I may choose to give him my contact (number). If I am not convinced, then there is no point. We can just exchange pleasantries and go our different ways.”

Recalling the weirdest thing she had done in a relationship, she said, “I once travelled from Abuja to Nasarawa State to visit my boyfriend who had an accident. I was 15 years old then and still in secondary school. His village was very far, and it was an adventure for me. It was the first time I saw some wild animals. However, I am grown now, and can’t do such again.”

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