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2023 elections: Skitmaker Ashmusy sends strong message to Tinubu supporters



Ashmushy, a popular TikToker and skit maker, recently shared her thoughts on the election, emphasizing the need for the new president-elect, Tinubu, to make Nigeria better.

Many people, including celebrities, have been talking about Nigeria’s recently concluded election.

According to Ashmushy, some people seemed to have taken the election personally, especially when choosing a candidate.

However, the TikToker believes the election was not about personal preferences but the desperate need for a better Nigeria.

The TikToker then addressed those who support the APC, urging them not to take the election personally; instead, she urged them to beg their new president to focus on making Nigeria better for everyone.

The skitmaker noted that Nigerians are tired of the same circle of old men ruling the country repeatedly, especially with all they have put the country through, including the deaths of young people who lost their lives in October 2020 due to the ENDSARS.

But, according to the TikToker, the fight was for a better Nigeria, not any particular candidate.

Ashmusy wrote: I’m not sure some people took the election personal…Like choosing peter obi was a personal thing…as if it was about his looks or tri#be or something personal.

It was freaking about desperately wanting a batter Nigeria! Don’t you get it? We didn’t want the same circle of old men ruling us over and over, with all they have put us through…with the young starts that died in October 2020 and many more

The fight was for a better Nigeria, not Mr. peter APC lovers be thinking it’s personal.

So Bro. Sis, if Tinubu ends up leading us for the next four years, go on your knees and beg him to make Nigeria better for us; that is all we want.

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