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We need more women in data science industry- Mariam Adeyemi, founder Techavilly




A data scientist, Mariam Adeyemi has stated that more women are needed in the data science industry. The founder of Techavilly a knowledge sharing platform said women hold just 18 percent of data science jobs in the United States.


In her words: “We need more women in the data science space. According to statistics women hold just 18 percent of data science jobs in the United States.Amazingly, the problem is worse in most lower-income countries, where women are less likely to have access to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education that provides a gateway to a career in data science. In addition to increasing the risk of bias, gender imbalances in STEM and data science training make it harder for women to succeed in high-paying professions linked to the digital economy, further widening gender pay gaps”.


Speaking further she said: “Building data and digital expertise also has the benefit of providing women with the skills needed to get jobs in a changing workforce. Presently, women-dominated roles such as clerks are being displaced at a high rate by algorithms and machines. This is particularly problematic in low- and lower middle-income countries where more jobs are susceptible to automation. For example, 42 percent of jobs in Ghana are prone to automation, compared to 6 percent in South Korea. Equipping women with data and digital skills will help them compete for the best-paying roles a digital economy has to offer, including data analysts and scientists, AI and machine learning specialists, and software developers”.



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