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Istanbul African Business Association pays courtesy visit to Sierra Leonean Ambassador



To solidify diplomatic relationships with foreign missions, Istanbul African Business Association paid a courtesy visit to His Excellency, Mohammed Hassan Kaisamba, the Sierra Leonean ambassador to Turkey. The meeting was at the Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Ankara, on the 7th of July 2022.

The IABA delegation was led by Adeoye Benjamin, President of IABA; Mr. Babajide Owolodun, Vice President of IABA. Mr. Micheal Osasona, Board Chairman of IABA, Miss. Emmanuela Wirsiy, General Secretary of IABA, Miss. Vida Bayoh, Presidential committee member of IABA.

The objective behind the visit was to seek economic cooperation on the articulated essence of IABA, which is about creating a credible centralized platform for connecting and promoting businesses and trade opportunities in Turkey for the African business community and beyond.

President of the association, Adeoye Benjamin, commended the ambassador for his unwavering support of the African community in Turkey.

He said: “We want to use this medium to commend his Excellency for his unwavering support and commitment to the African community here in Turkey. Africa as a continent in the diaspora has been undermined when it comes to our contribution to economic growth. It is recognized not today that Nigeria and all other African countries enjoy the limits regarding certain things in the labor market. If I can recall, in 2005, from the office of the President in Ankara, the year was declared to be the year of the African Union. They looked into their books and discovered what Africa is incorporating, injecting, and directing into the national income index. The contributions of the African community cannot be underestimated”.

In his response, Kaisamba said: “We have to support you guys. If we don’t support you, it means we have failed you. We cannot fail you, and we have to give you whatever support you need. Be rest assured that my team and I will do whatever is necessary to support whatever your association is doing. We will reach out at your expo, and we will shop, we will present. Let’s dialogue and communicate. Let’s know whatever help you need from us. Please bring it to my attention. Let’s engage. There are certain things you may find difficult to understand, so let’s advise you. With the team of vibrant young guys and ladies like you, I don’t see why you guys cannot be successful”, he stated.


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