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People who say celebrities are not fit for leadership are ignorant- Emeka Rollas




The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, has said people who say celebrities are not fit for leadership are ignorant.

Speaking in a chat with Entertainment Reporter he said: “ My opinion is that people who are saying they are not qualified or not fit for leadership are ignorant of the present world. Celebrities whether you like it or not have in the last twenty years in this Nigeria have been instrumental to reshaping the life of a lot of people. Every young man or young girl you see in the streets today, tries to mimic or depict a certain character on the screen. That tells you that there is indeed an influence. Majority of these celebrities first of all a lot of them are people who didn’t particularly study acting or theater arts. They found themselves in the industry. Some of them are accountants, some of them are administrators. There is nothing wrong if they venture into politics, I think it’s a welcomed development. You cannot judge people who haven’t governed. You allow them”.

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