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Titilola Ajayi’s ‘Aimokan’ to tackle emotional abuse



Sensational actress and filmmaker, Titilola Ajayi is back on the set of her anticipated movie titled ‘Aimokan’.The talented role interpreter who is gradually rising in Nollywood noted that the movie will undress how women abuse men emotionally.

“My new production is on emotional abuse. While abuse of women is widely known, what is not widely recognized is that men can be victims of emotional abuse too. It’s unfortunate, but true, that women and men can be just as emotionally abusive towards men as they can be towards women. Often times we hear about cases of domestic violence which is usually centered on a man beating a woman.

Women can be toxic too and no one seem to be talking about this other side of abuse. We claim we love our men but some women make their men face emotional abuse. When men have pent up unexpressed emotions, it affects their work life, family life and other parts of their life. Trust is vital in any relationship, women should learn to love calmly without being obsessed”.

Asked what people should look forward to in the movie, Ajayi said: “People should look out for Titilola in another dimension. This is me giving out my best. I want them to look forward to an amazing excellent production, something different from the norm”.

The flick would feature Ibrahim Chatta, Bimbo Oshin, Kolawole Ajeyemi ,Tokunbo Awoga, Yetunde Bakare and other talented actors.

The gorgeous role interpreter also added that she would love to see unity and teamwork at play in Nollywood.

One of the changes I would love to see in Nollywood is for us to be more united and work more as a team. Together we can achieve more. We should just learn to love each other and collaborate more. This is how we can change the narrative”.

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