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Johnny Drille encourages singles says: “Jesus didn’t have a Val”



Johnny Drille

Soulful singer, John Ighodaro aka Johnny Drille has urged unmarried people with a song titled, ‘You are just single.’

The classic song offer motivational messages that encourage spinsters and bachelors, especially in this Valentine season.

In the song, the 31-year-old singer inserts a witty line that Jesus didn’t have a Val.

“Remember that Jesus didn’t have a Val. So don’t feel any pressure, just raise your head high. And look to the sky so you don’t see Girl’s and boys,” his lyrics goes.

 “You’re just single, it’s not a crime. You didn’t kill nobody, didn’t take a life. You’re just single and that’s fine. It’s not your fault you’re alone on Valentine’s day.”

Sharing the video of the new song on his Twitter page, Drille encouraged unmarried individuals.

“If you’re single this Valentine season then this song is just for you. Be encouraged.”