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Nuella Njubigbo speaks following ex-husband, Tchidi Chikere’s remarriage



Following her ex-husband, Tchidi Chikere’s recent remarriage, Nollywood actress and movie producer Nuella Njubigbo has announced her intention to share her side of the story.

Nuella Njubigbo revealed on her Instagram page that silence is not always deafening, and she plans to share her story on her YouTube channel.

This comes after the actress posted a cryptic note after Tchidi Chikere shared their chats online to demonstrate that he is still on good terms with his ex-wives.

Nuella Njubigbo posted “Greedy Hearts” with no further explanation, leading many to believe that the post was directed at Tchidi Chikere, her daughter’s father.

However, the actress has promised to share her side of the story, indicating that there may be more to the situation than what has been revealed so far.

In her words:

“Silence isn’t always empty…. Telling my story on my YouTube. Coming soon”.

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