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Respected rapper Jesse Jagz praised Ice Prince Zamani, a former labelmate, as a quick and expert freestyler. (VIDEO)



An image of Jesse Jagsz, Ice Prince Zamani and M.I. Abaga
While speaking with American YouTuber Steve Bussa recently, Jesse Jagz emphasized how “dope” the rapper Ice Prince is.
He also stated that in terms of freestyling, Ice Prince is faster than M.I. Abaga, himself, and the other former rappers from Chocolate City.
He said:
“Out of the Choc boys, I don’t think you have done something with Ice Prince. Probably, he is the better freestyler out of the three of us [M.I and Jesse Jagz].”
He continued by saying that Ice Prince was great at both free verses and off-the-top freestyles. 
He said, “Ice is a bit quicker than the rest,”
Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince Zamani were labelmates of the famous Chocolate City alongside M.I. Abaga until March, 2013 when Jesse Jagz exited the record label and returns after 2 years. On July, 2017, he spoke on why he finally left the record label.
See video below: