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What I look for before playing romantic role- Bimbo Ademoye



Bimbo Ademoye is undoubtedly one of the wave making actresses in Nollywood at the moment. The versatile role interpreter in an encounter with Entertainment Reporter opened up on what she looks out for before playing a romantic role.


“For a romantic role, everything boils down to energy. Give me a good actor that can give me the same energy that I am giving. If you can pretend that you love me, I can pretend like I love you. If you act like you cannot stand me, I will be like ‘you are supposed to be my husband, what are you doing?’ Its all about energy regardless of the role”.




Ademoye who was nominated in the best actress in the comedy category at the 2022 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) said she is excited about her nomination.


“Super excited to have been recognized amongst wonderful actors, to be nominated and to be placed in the category of strong actors as well”.


Going down memory lane, the Nollywood diva recounted how her journey has been so far.

“It’s been nothing short of amazing. I won’t undermine the glory of God in my life. I started in 2016, I recently posted about starting in 2016 and somebody said ‘ I thought you had started way earlier than that’. That’s just God’s grace and divine favour.I am super grateful to God for my talent and for those who appreciate me. There is no me without them.I cannot pick a film myself and watch it myself”.


The actress also stated that she puts in the same energy in her movies irrespective of the movie’s budget.


“I put in the same energy I would put into a 100million Naira budget film into a 2million naira budget film. You never can tell which one will be recognized. My first film, ‘Backup wife’ was shot with about N2 million naira or so and in that same year I shot a film that had a N50 million Naira budget which wasn’t recognized. You never can tell the one that will actually push you into limelight. That’s why I don segregate”.