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I never knew power outages occur abroad — Actress Lilian Afegbai laments



Lilian Afegbai, a Nollywood actress, has lamented South Africa’s unstable power supply system.

Prior to her recent trip to South Africa, the actress stated that she had no idea power outages occurred in other countries.

She went live on Instagram to share her harrowing experience with power outages in South Africa.

She said, “Any small thing them go take light oh; four hours, six hours. They go tell you say them go take am at intervals, them go dey send you messages. They come give am one name say na load shedding. Wetin you dey shed for the load? NEPA take light abi NEPA no take light?

“And wen dem take this light for here, no network, data everything no dey work. I go cinema dey watch movie dem take light…And for house, dem no get generator except like all these proper established places.

“Our own [for Nigeria] sef if light goes off we dey get network but here you no fit communicate, you no go get network. For my house [in Nigeria] even if them take light, I go on my gen. But here no gen to on…
The last one wey happen, I no when, I don dey darkness since, I dey wait to watch TV, my phone, everything don off, as dem bring light, I just go outside ‘NEPA don bring light oh!’. My neighbour come dey look me like say I dey mad.”

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