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Leo Da-Silva speaks on keeping engagement secret



Leo Da-Silva, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has spoken out about why he chose to keep the news of his engagement a secret.

He told Saturday Beats, “I am engaged. I did not make it public because I will announce it when I am married. I did not see the need to announce what had not been formalised in God’s presence yet.”

Speaking on what he can do in a marriage but can’t do in a relationship, he said, “That would be having kids. I think it is just my preference. Some people prefer to do it that way too. I just prefer to do it when I get married.”

Asked if he would miss anything as a single person, he said, “I will not miss anything. As one gets older, one would understand how important it is for one to settle down. I would have settled down a lot earlier if my parents were not late. I just felt I needed to get things together, and I needed to make sure I was hundred per cent ready to delve into it.”

On the lessons he has learnt from being in a relationship, he said, “The most important lesson I have learnt is patience. One cannot be with someone and not be patient with that person. We both come from different backgrounds with different upbringings and ways of life. The way we process things are different. Our emotional capacity would also be different. One needs to understand the other person’s differences. With patience and God being with someone, everything will be fine.”

Reacting to the issue of some people not being comfortable with marrying celebs, Da-Silva said, “Some people don’t want to share their partners with the world. Even if one is not sharing one’s partner physically and emotionally, the way the fans connect with one’s partner may not sit well with the other person. However, it is not a big deal.”

Speaking on why he concentrated on his business instead of joining the entertainment industry like some other ex-BBN housemates, he said, “It is because my business pays me more. It is not like I have not got offers from the entertainment industry, especially for acting roles. I feel people that should act are people that are passionate about it. Some people use the buzz from the BBN house to join the industry but for one to last in it, it is a bit tough.”

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