Lola Alao reacts as Iyabo Ojo questions her over sex toy

Nigerian actress Lola Alao, who lives in Canada, responded to Iyabo Ojo’s inquiries regarding a sex toy he discovered in her vehicle.

After Iyabo learned about the dildo, the pair made a hilarious video that was posted on Instagram on Friday and in which they discuss Lola’s sex life.

Iyabo, who visited her colleague in Canada, is seen in the video making fun of the woman for being a sex addict while pointing a sexual object in her direction.

“What is this thing doing in your car?” Iyabo playfully asked in Yoruba.

Reacting to the question, Lola who seemed to be having fun with Iyabo said the dildo gives her sexual pleasure.

“I use it to pleasure myself,” she said.

“See how it looks, I pity your under, this is too much and long, you have even overused the life out of it,” Iyabo replied.

Lola who was driving the car, kept laughing as Iyabo continued making jokes about her sexual activities.


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