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Sex outside of marriage is not a sin- Amara Maduka




Actress and content creator, Amara Maduka has shared her view about sex. The plus size role interpreter in an interview with TLIG Africa Tv said sex is not a bad thing contrary to what many believe. She added that people think having sex is a sin.


According to her: “Sex is not a bad thing that is why I find it very funny. I think its just ignorance and religion those are the two factors. People think sex is a sin, they think having sex means you are offending God. Sex outside of marriage is not a sin. Why it a sin outside of marriage? Its okay for people to have their opinions. I don’t believe in right and wrong, I believe in the choices you have made”.


 Speaking further, Maduka noted that the fact that she speaks about sex doesn’t mean she has sex often.

I talk about sex a lot but I don’t have it that often because for me, it has to be very interesting. I have to like the person.I have a cocky honey pot and only a loyal d*ick can get my honey pot to cry.My honey pot has her own personality.I don’t like cocoky men or men that have ego, pride and stuffs like that”


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