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Sex is playful for me-Destiny Amaka



Actress and sex therapist, Destiny Amaka has averred that sex is playful for her.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun , she said: “I don’t get embarrassed easily. Sex is playful for me, so I don’t take it too seriously. Maybe, I have been clumsy but not embarrassed. Sometimes, I may fall off the bed or trip over my clothes. The most embarrassing thing for me might be if I mess by mistake. However, I can’t say I am good in bed. Good is relative. I think anyone that is confident and knows how their body works will be good sexually.”

The Juicy Affair star actress opined that sexual incompatibility is one of the major reasons marriages no longer last. According to her, “While every marriage ends for a variety of reasons; poor communication, loss of trust in the wake of betrayal and finances, are at the top. However, sexual incompatibilities can drive a wedge between partners. And if they can’t come to an agreement or compromise, one might end up seeking satisfaction or comfort outside the marriage or decide that divorce is the only way out.”

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