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With your degree you are still broke-— Nkechi Blessing blows hot as ex-lover calls her illiterate



Actress, Nkechi Blessing and Opeyemi Falegan, her ex-lover, have restarted their row on social media.

The duo’s relationship took a disastrous turn on Thursday, April 7, as both parties announced the end of their relationship in an acrimonious fashion.

Later, Falegan apologised for his outburst and announced that he would take a break from social media — but he failed at keeping to his promise.

A day after the initial row, the pair resumed their fight, with Falegan claiming that the actress dated him for sex and financial benefits.

And again on Wednesday, the Ekiti politician took to his Instagram story to spell out traits he would love to see in his next partner while taking swipes at the actress. 

He described Blessing as a “weed head” who lacks basic education, adding that he won’t make such a mistake again.

“Anger of a dumped weed head. Please if you’re going to be my girl, please make sure you have at least a university basic degree please,” he wrote.

 “At least you can understand a bit about academics which would poise you for greatness and not social media notoriety. 

“I have a degree in computer science, a masters in business and presently on my doctorate. Please at least a university degree is the minimum I can settle for.

“No more mistakes on my part please.”

Reacting to Falegan’s dig via her Instagram story, Blessing said although she’s an illiterate, she’s capable of employing and paying the politician’s salary for 10 years.

 “It should be in history that I NBS, an ordinary garage illiterate fed a whole PhD holder for one whole year,” she said.

“PhD holders who are illiterate like me help type captions. Are you m*d or something? Your first interview with Orisun, you know how many hours I take to coach you?

“Even with all your degree, you’re still broke. I will employ and pay your salary for 10 years.”