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Kunle Remi issues warning to those criticising love scene with Bimbo Ademoye in Anikulapo



In response to criticism of his love scene in Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo with Bimbo Ademoye, actor Kunle Remi has issued a warning.

On Friday, September 30, the movie became available on Netflix.

The story of Saro, a travelling cloth weaver who was killed by beating after having an affair with the youngest wife of the Alaafin, is told in the book Anikulapo.

He is brought back to life by a fabled bird, who also leaves behind a gourd that has the ability to resurrect the dead.

The king’s wife, played by Bimbo Ademoye, removed her clothing before having sex with Saro, played by Kunle Remi, in one of the love scenes.

The queen’s breasts and Kunle’s butt caused shock among social media users, which sparked a discussion about the actors’ nudity.

In response, Kunle stated during a recent Instagram live session that insults from detractors would not be accepted.

“I want to talk about Anikulapo and Saro. Disclaimer this is Kunle Remi not Saro but I let Saro live in me for a few months, don’t abuse me, don’t insult me, if you do I will disconnect you,” the actor warned as he continued live session.

Speaking further on the love scene, the 33-year-old added, “A lot of people say the nude scene was not necessary, but I’m gonna say this; as an engineer, I can’t tell you how to engineer, as an accountant I can’t tell you how to do your accounting. As a chef, I cant teach you how to cook so as an actor you can’t tell me how far or what I should do in my job. That scene for us symbolised the moment when we were so vulnerable. Anyways Nigerians are hypocrites. But that was the most vulnerable moment for these characters and that was the first time they genuinely made love”.

Set in the 17th-century Oyo Empire, the movie also stars actors like Sola Sobowale, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Taiwo Hassan, Faithia Williams, Aisha Lawal, Ronke Oshodi-Oke, Dele Odule, Yinka Quadri and Adebayo Salami.

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