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MC Oluomo denies involvement in Tinubu stickers being forced on ‘Keke’ drivers



Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, the chairman of the Lagos State Park and Garages Management Committee, has denied authorising the sale of stickers featuring Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, to tricycle (or “keke”) drivers.

In a viral video, Keke drivers can be seen objecting to having to pay to have the stickers applied to their tricycles. The incident took place in the Lagos neighbourhood of Ajah, according to a twitter user who shared the video. The alleged transport workers demanded N500 from each sticker from the drivers.

MC Oluomo responded to the video by denying involvement in a video that was uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday night.

“My attention has yet again been drawn to a video clip circulating online showing an altercation between two people as regards a sticker,” MC Oluomo said.

“It came to me as a surprise seeing that people were attaching the video to me and were also quick to state that it was a campaign fee to support the election of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

“Naturally I would have just ignored knowing that it’s the handiwork of naysayers. Being in an election session, I also know their malicious intentions and the cheap political goal they aim to get with the video. I am however compelled for the sake of clarity to set the record straight.

“I did not know anything about the said sticker, neither did I sanction the sale. I would appreciate additional information as regards the location where the incident happened so that we can conduct thorough investigation.

“We are against anything that would hamper the free flow of business activities or bring hardship upon our people. May I also inform the public that the APC Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has more than enough people willing to finance his campaign and such money would not come from me or my office.

“I want to urge our people to be vigilant and remember that we are in an election period, as such, political parties would be looking for ways, both ethical and unethical, to outsmart themselves. I however implore them to leave me out of their political permutations and stop maligning my name for the sake of cheap popularity.”

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