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Aunty Ramota not in coma – Ijoba Lande



Popular Yoruba skitmaker, Ganiyu Kehinde Morufu, aka Ijoba Lande, said female comedian, Ramota Adetu, popularly known as Aunty Ramota, did not undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL, surgery as widely reported.

Ijoba Lande said the viral video of Aunty Ramota undergoing a BBL was for “content,” adding that she is not in a coma.

A blogger, Tosin Silverdam, claimed on Instagram that Aunty Ramota had undergone BBL surgery to enhance her appearance on Saturday in a hospital in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Tosin said the procedure encountered complications, resulting in her current state of coma.

Reacting in a video on Monday, Lande said some of those close to Aunty Ramota confirmed to him that the BBL procedure was not real.

Posting on his TikTok handle, Lande said: “I’m disappointed in Dare and Ebute Council over what happened to Ramota; even you, Aboki, deny knowledge of what happened. I called you to beg if it was a prank or content but you said it was real. I called Dare and Ebute Council, and Aunty Lara, but they refused to pick up their calls. I later got to know that Aunty Lara travelled.

“Nigerians, Aunty Ramota is not in coma; initially, I thought it was content but when I saw them carrying her in a stretcher, that was when I knew. I called Aunty Lara’s mother; she didn’t pick up, then I sent a voice note; that was when she told me that it was not real. She informed me that Aunty Ramota is not in Lagos, and that they went to Ede or someplace.

“Let me stress again that Ramota is not in a coma, I was just told that it’s content and I don’t know her whereabouts. Everybody should relax because it’s content.”

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